4 Tips to Prepare Your Business for Moving

Posted on: 12 April 2016

Moving your business to a new location requires weeks of preparation if you want to minimize the impact of the move on your business and customers. With the right plan in place, your customers will know what to expect and you can get the business up and running at the new location quickly. Here are some tips to help you prepare to move. 

Assess Your Business

Before you make one decision about how to move your business, you need to assess it. During your evaluation, create a list of items that you can move prior to the big moving date and those that have to go on the official date. 

These groupings of items can be used to create smaller to-do lists and a schedule for moving items. For instance, you can opt to move all nonessential items, such as paper supplies and plants, the week before the moving date. You can leave the essentials, like computers, for the move date. 

Assign Tasks

Even if you have professional movers scheduled to help, you still need the help of your employees to get your business properly packed. Using your schedule for moving items, assign tasks to each person in your business. 

For instance, one department can be responsible for ensuring that all nonessentials are moved by a certain date. You could even put one department in charge of placing notices of the move for customers. 

Ensure that everyone understands what he or she needs to do and double-check that it is done. 

Obtain Necessary Permits

Depending on the location of your business, you might need to obtain permits for the move. For instance, you might need a parking permit for the moving trucks to park in front of your business. 

Find out beforehand which permits are needed and ensure they are ready for your moving date. Without the permits, the movers could have trouble completing the process. 

Prepare Electrical Equipment

Although the movers will take every precaution to safely move your items, accidents can happen. To lessen the chances that electrical equipment, such as computers and copiers, is damaged during the move, properly pack it before it's moved. 

Computers need to have their cords secured. You should pack them into the original packaging material, if available. The ink in copying machines needs to be removed to avoid spillage. 

Consult with a moving company like Elite Truck Rental to find other ways that you and your employees can properly prepare for your move.