Storage Solutions For Your College Student

Posted on: 5 May 2016

If your child is away at college, space can be limited for everything they might need to have nearby. While your child is becoming an adult, they might still be living in smaller, shared environments and may be traveling or away from campus for parts of the year. Here are four great reasons renting a storage unit might be the perfect solution for your child while they are in college.

1. Splitting the Bill With Other Students

One of the great things about storage needs for students is that many others might be in a similar situation. Your child can cut down on storage costs by going in on this with a roommate or college friend. They both might have a few things to get out of the way, but might not need an entire unit. Sporting equipment and other large items can be stored together with other students in a storage facility that can be accessed when needed.

2. Summer Storage

Many times college kids will come and go for the summer months or a semester abroad. It really doesn't make much sense to bring everything home just to pack this all up and bring it all back to college a few months later. If your child can rent a local storage unit for furnishings and school supplies, these will be packed up and ready to go when they get back into town.

3. Storing Valuables

Keeping items that are expensive or fragile away from a shared living situation might be a smart idea. If your child has expensive items that they need nearby but might not be safe in their home because other renters are in and out, a storage unit can help. Items such as musical instruments, bikes, and seasonal sporting equipment can all be stored safely away from others.

4. Small Accommodations

If your child is living in a college town that is impacted when it comes to space, they might be in a downsized living situation. If your child doesn't have the space in their room or rental for everything they need, a storage unit in town can help. Your child can keep their comforts nearby but not cluttering up space they don't really have.

Going to college is a great time for your child to grow intellectually, but might not be the best environment for a lot of personal and household items. Renting your child a storage unit while they are in college can help them keep everything they need nearby without the risk of things being stolen or damaged. For more information, talk to a facility like I-70 Self Storage.