How To Create A Small Backyard Pond

Posted on: 3 May 2017

Adding a water feature to your yard such as a pond adds beauty, depth and intrigue to an otherwise boring yard. If you've ever thought that you can't have a pond in your yard because it's too difficult to install, you're wrong. Installing a pond is easy if you have a pond liner, some time and a few gardening tools. See below for instructions and tips on how to create a backyard pond yourself.

Find A Spot

Choose the place where you want to install your pond. You'll want it to be somewhere in your yard that's free of trees and other brush (you don't want falling leaves going into your pond). You also want it someplace that gets plenty of sunshine for plants you may want around your pond. Installing the pond requires digging down the depth of the pond, so you'll want the pond to be away from tree roots and not anywhere near buried electrical, water, sewer or gas lines. Once you have a spot in mind, lay the pond liner in it's place and spray paint the area around it to mark where you'll need to dig.

Dig The Area

This is where you may want a friend or two helping you out. You need to dig out the turf and dirt where the pond will go. Dig down to the depth of the pond liner, then put the pond liner in place to be sure you've dug out enough dirt. When you've taken out enough dirt, tamp down the ground below so its level.

Install The Pond Liner

Place the pond liner into the hole, then begin filling it with water. Start filling in the area around your pond with dirt to back-fill it. Continue filling the pond with water, then use a level to be sure the pond is still level. Once it's level and the ground is back-filled, you can begin adding landscape and other elements to your pond.

Make It Your Own

Add rock or plants (or both) around your pond. If you want a fountain or pump attached to your pond, you'll need to run electricity to your pond, or use an extension cord that can be buried below your rock. A fountain or pump can help keep your pond from turning green with algae, as the water will be moving continuously. You can also add chlorine to your pond to keep it clear, although this is not recommended if you are planning on having fish or aquatic plants in your pond. Add other elements to the area surrounding your pond to make it all your own.

Creating a backyard pond is not too difficult to do. Take your time choosing the right space for your pond and create your own backyard oasis to enjoy. For more information, visit sites like