Shipping Your Artwork

Posted on: 3 May 2017

If you sell your artwork online, then you want to ship it to your customers in a way that ensures it is going to get to them in excellent condition. Even if you mark the package as fragile or you write on it that it should not be bent, you may be surprised to learn that this usually doesn't mean that your package will get treated any more carefully than any other package that's not marked as fragile. This article will help you to know the best ways to ship your artwork to ensure that you have a better chance of your customers receiving it in the shape you want them to get it in.

Packing a picture in a frame

If you are shipping a framed picture to a customer, then you want to know it isn't going to get broken during transport. You should get a box that's large enough for the frame and for the shipping material, but not so large that you need to waste a lot of shipping material to fill all the extra space. Wrap the frame itself in bubble wrapping. Make sure the entire frame is completely wrapped in the bubble wrapping and that it's been pulled tight enough to secure the frame, but not so tight that stress is being put on the frame.

Now you are going to want to put some packing peanuts on the bottom of the box. Spread them out so the entire bottom is covered evenly. Lay the bubble-wrapped frame on the packing peanuts, and fill the rest of the box up with more packing peanuts. Use clear tape to tape the box completely shut. When you go to mail it, you want to have the post office put the "Fragile" tape all over the box so it's obvious that they need to be careful with it. You may also want to purchase insurance just in case something does happen.

Packing an unframed picture, painting or poster

If you are going to be shipping an unframed picture, painting, or poster, then you want to roll it up. Once you have it rolled up, you should use two to three rubber bands to keep it rolled. If you use rubber bands that are too big, then it won't stay rolled how you want it. If you use rubber bands that are too smal, then they can cause damage to the artwork.

Now you should put your rolled-up artwork inside of a standard white shipping tube, which you can get from companies like Chicago Mailing Tube Co. Once it is in place, you will put the cap back on the tube, and you should tape both caps to make sure they stay in place. When you go to the shipping center, you want them to put the "Fragile" tape all over the tube as well. Once again, consider purchasing insurance just to be careful.