3 Easy Ways To Add Some Drama To Your Bathroom Design

Posted on: 4 May 2017

Tired of your old, drab bathroom? Here's how you can easily add some drama and improve appeal without making any serious renovations:

Create Emotion by Repainting the Walls

Giving the walls a fresh coat of paint is an easy and inexpensive way to give your bathroom a dramatic overhaul and create some emotion in the space. But you can't expect to make a big difference by painting the walls off-white or beige. Consider using colorful hues to dramatize your bathroom and stir up some emotions. Even if you do decide to go with a base color that's neutral, using a bright color for the trim will help make the space pop. One or more of the following options may be just what your bathroom needs:

  • Yellow – Invokes happiness and a provides a sense of joy
  • Blue – Keeps blood pressure levels in check and helps create a stress-free atmosphere.
  • Purple – Inspires sophistication and enhances luxurious décor.
  • Red – Creates excitement and enthusiasm while raising energy levels.

To avoid making your bathroom look more like the inside or a circus tent than a relaxing space, limit your paint accents to one or two colors. You can implement other colors through your décor.

Install an LED Mirror to Soften the Mood

Replacing your bathroom mirror with one that features an LED backlighting system will help soften the mood and make things feel a little more dramatic. Choose a large mirror that spans the length of your bathroom counter to make the room look larger. The LED mirror should be backlit on all four sides and have a dimmer so you can control the amount of illumination that comes from it at any given time. Make sure that the mirror you purchase has been UL certified to ensure its safe performance for many years to come.

Keep Things Fresh with New Houseplants

Another way to add some extra drama to your bathroom quickly and easily is to introduce new houseplants to the space. Not only will the plants create depth and brighten things up a little bit, but many options will even filter the air so you can breathe easy when taking a bath or tending to your hygiene needs at the sink. Consider hanging spider plants and weeping figs in the corners or placing small pots of peace lilies and Boston ferns on the window sill.

These tips and tricks should make it easy for you to create a new bathroom design that's dramatic and enjoyable to spend time in overall.