How To Bolster Your Resume By Getting A Job That Serves The Community

Posted on: 4 May 2017

Working within a group of professionals dedicated to enriching the lives of others can be a wonderful way to network, hone your communication skills and improve your understanding of the world. Through the arts, environmental activism, political awareness, educational enrich and even religious initiatives, nonprofit organizations a strong desire to find employees who are as passionate as they are talented. Find out what kinds of nonprofit jobs could be a perfect match for your unique skill set and what you will need in order to snag one for yourself.

Administrative Careers In The Nonprofit Industry

Every nonprofit agency needs employees that can handle their back office needs. Whether it be answering the phone, sending out newsletter emails, collecting dues or providing general support to board members and higher ranking employees, you have to be able to juggle many tasks if you are interested in administrative nonprofit jobs. The most successful candidates for these types of positions usually have some experience working as office administrators, assistants, clerks, or secretaries in other positions.

Finding A Leadership Position At A Nonprofit Agency

People who have campaigned or raised awareness for worthy causes in their personal time often transition into leadership roles within nonprofit organizations due to interest, opportunity, or even coincidence. Applying for nonprofit jobs in areas that you are extremely knowledgeable of will not only increase your chances of being hired, but also help you to potentially make an easier transition into your new role. Being able to list a job experience on your resume as the acting president, community outreach coordinator, or foundation director will definitely help to open many doors in the future.

Nonprofit Internships And Freelance Gigs

College students often seek out nonprofit agencies for internships, which can then turn into long lasting careers. If you are currently in school and know of a few different nonprofit jobs that currently open it could be beneficial for you to test the waters. As with other roles within nonprofit agencies, it is suggested that you find a position within a nonprofit that supports a cause that personally resonates with you. Whether you have an interest in ending childhood abuse and neglect or seek to reform immigration law, you want to apply for internships that you can speak intelligently about.

Since nonprofits often are involved in projects and initiatives that have a finite beginning and end date, they sometimes have a need for the assistance of skilled freelancers. These opportunities may be open to web developers, grant writers, and other professionals who have a proven track record. Any experience gained while freelancing with a nonprofit can still be listed on your resume, enabling you to seek out permanent nonprofit agency jobs with greater ease.