Six Ways To Transform A Typical Table For Your Upcoming Function

Posted on: 4 May 2017

Transform a conference room or dining room for a special event with some simple tips that will please patrons and guests. These tasteful tactics are made possible with linen vendors, rental companies, and catering companies, and can make your function space versatile and customizable- which could be alluring for prospective clients and customers.

Six ways to transform hotel or restaurant tables for a function or private party are:

1.With metallic and white. Want an elegant and sophisticated look to your space? Use metal table-toppers, white candles, and crisp white linen for a shimmering setting that will accommodate even the most formal affair. The metal toppers make it easy to clean-up after as they eliminate the need for tablecloths.

2.Through unconventional accents. Be bold and bring something vibrant and unconventional to the space for an event like a birthday or a bat mitzvah celebration. Choose brightly-colored linen, poufy window treatments, and conversation furnishings. Set up small areas for patrons to converse rather than traditional dining tables.

3.Via self-service stations. Take a cocktail party to a new level with some self-service stations that allows guests to help themselves to food and drink. Work with caterers or rent the equipment needed for specialty drinks, fondue, or sushi stations; this will also cut-down on the number of servers required to take care of the guests.

4.With a lot of light. For a graduation party or wedding rehearsal dinner, go with a lot of light. Wrap beams and secure strand lights everywhere, but keep it at either warm-white or cool-white to avoid making it seem like a carnival. Go with black linens and silver accents to create a magical nighttime venue.

5.By stepping back in time. Utilize vintage brass accents, ivory linens, and high-polished wood toppers for your tables. Set up a wooden bookcase in the corner to hold bottles of spirits that sits behind the bar for a segregated service area that also suits a retro theme. This is great for a bachelor party or a classy birthday bash.

6.With whimsy and wonder. Opt for bold colors, novelty linens, and inflatable features to turn a conference room or private party space into a whimsical wonder suited to a children's party or a kitschy holiday affair. Create an adults' area with chairs, cocktail tables, and a help-yourself coffee or beverage station.

Work with vendors and use these tips to transform your function space for any event, from an elegant corporate dinner to a whimsical child's birthday party!