3 Reasons Why Your Business Benefits from Installing Accessibility Ramps

Posted on: 20 May 2020

Should your business install handicapped accessibility ramps? While this is an added expense, it brings benefits to your company in many different ways. What kind of benefits will you receive for your investment? Here is a look at a few important reasons why.

1. You May Be Required by Law

Most public buildings and employers are required to install accessibility features that include such things as exterior ramps. If subject to these laws—including the Americans With Disability Act and state regulations—you must install a ramp in accordance with the rules. If you're not sure whether or not the law mandates a ramp, you should generally err on the side of caution. No business benefits from running afoul of state or federal law.

2. You Widen Your Customer Pool

Not having accessible business locations limits your pool of available customers. If a person cannot easily gain access to your office or retail space, they aren't going to waste time coming back or making extra efforts to get inside and do business even now.

Keep in mind that a ramp not only aids older or permanently disabled customers. It also facilitates entry for parents with strollers, people with temporary mobility issues, and anyone with a rolling load. Don't forget about vendors and employees as well. Even if you're not particularly interested in targeting your business toward one of these customer pools, do you also want to alienate the rest of them? 

3. You Appear Welcoming

If you only do the minimal that is required or make your location challenging for customers, your business appears unwelcoming. It may even give the impression that it's cheap, not well-managed, or deliberately disdainful. 

A retail location that installs a required ramp, but places it in a distant location that makes people trek elsewhere to get inside isn't going to feel very friendly and approachable for those who need it. Similarly, if you install an exterior ramp but then have interior elevation changes without additional ramps, customers will be limited and feel left out. None of these makes for a very enjoyable visit even if you've met your legal obligations. 

Well-constructed and thoughtfully-placed ramps not only meet your public obligations but also encourage customers and employees to frequent your business. Want to know more about the placement, cost, and benefits of ramps? Begin the process by making an appointment with companies that install handicap accessibility ramps.