Protecting Your Fence By Using Post Caps

Posted on: 20 May 2020

If you have a wood fence on your property, you may be creating unnecessary problems for yourself by failing to have post caps in place. While these caps can greatly benefit your fence in a number of ways, you may not take advantage of these benefits if you are basing this decision on some common pieces of misinformation.

Myth: A Post Cap Will Not Provide Your Post With Meaningful Benefits

The top of the fence post can be one of the areas of it that will be the most vulnerable to damage. The crevices and grooves that can be found in this area can be excellent at trapping water, which can lead to rot developing on the post. Additionally, there are a variety of pests that may target this area. Post caps will protect this part of the post while also adding to the attractiveness of the fence. For those that have a particular color for their fence, it will be possible to choose post caps that match or complement this color.

Myth: Post Caps Are Always Secured With Nails Or Screws

There are a variety of options in place when it comes to securing these post caps. While nails or screws may be one option, it can also be possible to use a strong wood adhesive for this. Using an adhesive will have the added benefit of avoiding damaging the exterior of the fence post as this could lead to problems down the road due to moisture entering through this opening. If you are using an adhesive to secure the post caps, extra care should be taken to make sure the post cap is properly aligned as it can be difficult to reposition it once the adhesive binds to it.

Myth: All Post Caps Will Need The Same Type Of Maintenance

While installing post caps can help to extend the life of your posts, they will need some basic maintenance to keep them in good condition. For example, these post caps may need to be cleaned or painted to keep them looking their best. Individuals that have chosen metal post caps will need to be diligent about applying a rust-proof coating to them every year. If you are wanting to avoid needing to do this additional maintenance, you might want to choose vinyl post caps as they will be able to offer the same protections without being at risk of corroding or having their color fade.

For more information about post cap options, such as 4x4 post caps, contact a post cap supplier.