Crafting With A Purpose

Posted on: 18 September 2020

Are you environmentally conscious and often disgusted about what you read in the news, concerning the pollution of land and water? Plastic is a material that is often tossed aside and unfortunately, it winds up inside of oceans, lakes, and streams. Because fish and sea creatures rely upon the environment for their food and shelter, waste that is within their habitats can become an issue that threatens the lives of many fish and animal species.

Purchase Crafting Supplies

Take your crafting efforts up a notch by making goods that are made solely with repurposed materials. If you enjoy knitting or crocheting or if you are a hobbyist who has created many hook rug kits, replace your standard yarn materials with marine recovered ocean plastic material yarn. Marine recovered plastic that has been repurposed will resemble thin and rigid or fluffy and soft varieties of yarn that you would typically pick up at a local craft store.

During the manufacturing process, plastic is removed from bodies of water that are located nationwide. Plastic is cleaned and placed into a machine, along with some other components. Once the yarn is dyed, it is spun out and used to create yarn skeins of various sizes. Locate a retailer near you who sells repurposed yarn and purchase the products needed to create blankets, wall hangings, rugs, or any other craft that is of interest to you.

A Meaningful Treasure Or Gifts

Marine recovered plastic yarn may become one of the staples you use for many of your crafts, but you can also use repurposed materials as accents. Fabric scraps that are laying in your closet can be used to create an interesting border around a blanket and old buttons can be used to create eyes or 3-D art that is being used to embellish a yarn craft. Keep some of your crafts and showcase them in your home, sharing the story behind the repurposed materials whenever you have visitors at your home.

If you would like to share the importance of recycling and caring for the environment with others, make some crafts that can be given away during the holidays or on birthdays. For each gift, think about the individual who will be on the receiving end to guide you in selecting a pattern or project idea that will mesh well with an individual's personality. Purchase recycled yarn and use some household materials to complete each gift item. When it comes time to give the items, share information about the materials that were used.

For more information about marine recovered ocean plastic material yarn, contact a craft store that sells recycled yarn.