What To Expect When Taking A CBD Vaginal Suppository

Posted on: 30 November 2020

Have you been exploring the benefits of CBD and are looking to try something other than the typical gummy or oil? You may be interested in trying a CBD suppository to see if you can experience the benefits in other places. As odd as this way of taking CBD may seem, it's not as odd as you think. CBD has natural healing properties that can help out with your most private areas of your body, so there is no reason to exclude it just because it seems a bit taboo. Here is what you can expect when taking a CBD vaginal suppository. 

Know The Dosage

One thing you'll want to do is pay close attention to what the dosage of CBD suppository product you are taking. There will likely be different products with different concentrations of CBD, and it is going to affect your body differently than it would with edibles or oil. It's worth making note of how the suppository affects you and if you need to up the dosage for the next time you take it by taking additional suppositories. 

Know When To Take It

Many women use it around the times they are experiencing cramping or menstrual pains, and use CBD to get some relief from those ailments. It may help to take one during this time since you'll most likely notice if you experience any relief. However, you can also use CBD before having sex to help with pain relief. Not only will the CBD help with pain relief, but it can also address issues with anxiety and help you relax. 

Know How To Take It

A CBD vaginal suppository will require some unique instructions as to how you take it. You will insert the CBD vaginal suppository while laying on your back, since you will insert the suppository as far into the vagina as possible. It's very much like using an applicator for a tampon, so this should be a familiar action. However, you'll want to remain relaxed in a position where your pelvis is elevated. The goal is to let your body absorb the CBD, and if you get up too quickly, it can actually leak out. Many women prefer to wear a pad after they stand up and go about their day, since this will help absorb the CBD that was not absorbed by the body

Want to know more about relief vaginal CBD suppositories? Check with a CBD vendor in your area that sells them for more information.