Keep Rental Restrooms Fresh And Clean During Your Reception

Posted on: 29 December 2020

If portable restrooms are going to be set up for use during your wedding reception, you may be concerned about foul odors or the sight of the portable restrooms being off-putting to your guests. Install a canopy, create some baskets that are filled with essentials, and hang up some signs that relate to the products provided. These actions will aid with keeping the restrooms clean and sanitary throughout the event and will eliminate embarrassment.

A Canopy And Baskets

Install a canopy that covers the top and sides of each restroom unit. If you choose to rent restroom trailers that contain lighting, it won't seem out of the ordinary to display a basket of odor neutralizers and extra toilet paper. Toilet deodorizer drops will prevent foul smells associated with defecation and may provide a guest with some much-needed reassurance if they have any apprehensions about using a public restroom and being classified as the person who made it smell bad.

Use wicker baskets to create dual sets that can each be placed inside of the men's and women's facilities. If you have assigned someone to oversee the cleanliness of the bathrooms, add some scented potpourri air freshener, toilet brushes, disinfectant wipes, and toilet paper to each basket. The addition of several products to each basket will conceal what may be the main focus of your intentions, which is the foul odors that people could potentially be responsible for.

Purchase toilet drops that contain a citrus or a floral scent. This will allow your guests to help themselves to the product that they prefer using. If the restrooms are single stalls that lack electricity, create small wall baskets. Use self-adhesive hooks or a velcro kit to secure each basket to the door of each restroom unit.

Signage And Hand Sanitizing

Encourage your guests to help themselves to the products they will need before or after using the restroom. Prepare signage that lists some of the items that are in the baskets and secure the signs near the baskets.

If you are going to have many people attending your event, purchase surplus deodorizer drops and toilet paper to ensure that anyone who is actively using the facilities will have the products they need. In addition to preparing the baskets, set up a handwashing station outdoors, if you have opted to rent single-stall restrooms and there isn't an adequate area for your guests to sanitize their hands.