Key Features Of A Rotary Die Cutter For Shipping Label Creation

Posted on: 8 June 2021

When you need to produce a lot of shipping labels or ones that have a unique shape, a machine that is going to give you the best results is a rotary die cutter. It's a very easy machine to use, especially if you get one with a couple of key features.

Repeat Function

After you get this rotary die cutter dialed in and know exactly what characteristics to get out of a shipping label that is going on packaging, you may want to produce a bunch of the same labels fast.

You won't have to do too many actions when you get a rotary die cutter that has a convenient repeat function. You can activate it and every shipping label will be cut the same way. The results will be consistent too so that your labels won't look off-putting after being placed on packaging materials.

Crack-Free Creasing

Every rotary die cutter will come with creasing capabilities. This is an important attribute of this machine because you need certain creases made when customizing shipping labels a particular way. You just need to make sure there aren't cracks left over.

Cracks like these affect the function of shipping labels and also make them look unprofessional. The rotary die cutter needs to have crack-free creasing operation, which might be a machine that's built with really refined parts or a manufacturer that guarantees this feature in their die cutter. Crack-free creasing will make shipping label creation easier to manage and save you money.

Easy Setting Adjustments

At some point, you may need to change how your shipping labels are made and cut. You will then switch up the settings that the rotary die cutter features. It helps out a lot when these settings are easy to adjust, even for someone that isn't too well-versed in these machines.

You should be able to pull up digital screens and see different parameters that you can customize, such as volume of labels being supported, cutting speed, and other noteworthy settings. If these settings are easy to adjust, then you won't have to spend a bunch of time messing around with different parameters.

Instead of trying to manufacture shipping labels manually, you can automate things thanks to rotary die cutters. They are versatile and not that difficult to use. You also have a lot of options to select from thanks to the numerous manufacturers out there. 

For more information, reach out to a supplier of packaging equipment rotary die cutters.