Six Things To Consider Before You Hire A Personal Assistant

Posted on: 9 July 2021

A personal assistant can help you to maximize your productivity while minimizing your stress. However, there are numerous considerations you'll want to take into account when hiring a personal assistant to find the best personal assistant for your unique needs. The following are six things to consider before you hire a personal assistant

The tasks you need your personal assistant for

It's a good idea to make a list of all of the tasks you expect your personal assistant to help you with. This way, you can present this list to applicants who are interested in being personal assistants for you. Making a list is also helpful for you because it can help you to efficiently delegate tasks to yourself, your personal assistant, or anyone else you employ. 

The length of time you'll need a personal assistant for

Do you need a personal assistant permanently or temporarily? This is an important consideration to think about upfront. Personal assistant applicants will want to know if the position is temporary or permanent, so decide on the duration of the position before you start hiring if possible. 

Your budget for paying for your personal assistant

You should set a budget for how much you can afford to pay for your personal assistant. The budget you set will help determine certain factors like how many hours per week and month you have the budget to pay your personal assistant for. Naturally, personal assistant applicants are going to want to know how much the position pays, so it's important to set a budget before advertising and hiring for the position. 

Any special abilities you need your personal assistant to have

You might need to hire a personal assistant with certain abilities or qualifications depending on what industry you work in and what job tasks you need your assistant to handle for you. Consider special abilities you're looking for in a personal assistant upfront so that you find a personal assistant who is capable of meeting your needs.  

The schedule you need your personal assistant to work

Scheduling is another important consideration you need to decide on before hiring a personal assistant. What hours do you need your personal assistant to be available for? Set out a detailed and reasonable schedule when you're hiring a personal assistant so that you know your assistant will have the availability to suit your needs. 

The screening procedures you want your personal assistant to go through

Determine the details of the screening procedure you want your personal assistant to go through. Do you want your personal assistant to undergo a background check? Do you want to check references on your personal assistant?

Screening procedures are an important part of the hiring process you'll have to consider.