Three Reliable Methods Of Water Well Drilling

Posted on: 4 April 2022

Water well drilling involves drilling holes on the earth's surface to reach the groundwater source. The main reason people conduct water well drilling is to have access to water. Since water is a basic need for human life, there are several ways invented to have water on their doorsteps, one of which is water well drilling. The size of wells differs from one another. The method used when drilling is the key determiner of the size of a well. Therefore, when choosing a drilling method, one has to know what size they want the well to be. When talking of water well drilling, the activities involved in making sure that water well drilling is a success are not cheap. The activity involves heavy machinery, workforce, and knowledge. There are different methods for water well drilling, and here are some of them.

Rotary Drilling

Rotary drilling is the most common water well drilling method used by people. There are different types of rotary drilling, including open-hole drilling and core drilling. Rotary drilling has a drill pipe, which is attached to the rotating drill stem. When drilling, the cutting head present at the end of the shaft does the work once placed on the ground. Since this method is known to heat the tools used in the process, the need for lubrication comes in. Lubrication is required in this system to keep the cutting head cool. 

Cable tool drilling

This method is also called spudding. Cable tool drilling is a method that involves suspending a bit from the steel cable and dropping it several times on the ground to crush the rock. The difference between this method and the rotary method is that the cable tool for this method is cheaper and easier to operate.

Hand driving

The hand driving method in water well drilling is common near water bodies such as lakes. Some may prefer this method when they know that the groundwater is near its surface. The method happens to be used by homeowners since it is less costly. The hand driving method is only applicable where the ground is smooth and has less rock to break. Many implement tools that help them in this method, as it is difficult to dig deep by hand. When it comes to determining whether there is an encounter with the water, a tool called a weighted string is the one that people use to determine.