About Tattoo Shops

Posted on: 26 September 2022

Tattoo shops are popular businesses that offer a special product. They are the go-to place for anyone who wants a tattoo, or one of the other specialty products they can offer. You can learn more about some things a tattoo shop can offer, as well as other information about them, here: 

Tattoo shops generally have flash designs ready to go

Some people know what they want before they get to the tattoo shop. They may draw the tattoo themselves, want a tattoo of someone else's drawing, or print one off the Internet. Also, tattoo shops usually have a lot of flash designs displayed on the walls and available in tattoo magazines. The flash designs are more common and often include things like Koi fish, birds, anchors, skulls, and many others. 

Tattoo shops have separate stations

There is concern over things like cross-contamination with tattoo shops, This is one of the reasons why the artists will have a station that's a good distance from the other artists. That separation allows each artist to have a safe space they will keep properly disinfected. 

Tattoo shops offer several services

Of course, tattoo shops will offer tattoos, but most of them offer more than that. They usually have a piercer on staff as well. The piercer will offer many options when it comes to piercing. Some of the more common body parts to have pierced include the ears, nose, belly button, and lip. A lot of times, even children will be brought to a tattoo shop for needle-guided ear piercings, because having their ears pierced using this method is better than with the gun used at places like malls and jewelry stores. 

Tattoo shops have well-trained tattoo artists

Someone can't just get hired at most tattoo shops by saying they know how to tattoo. The shop will have an interview process that includes looking at the artist's portfolio to ensure they know what they are doing. Also, they will be watched to ensure they are turning out good work, and likely let go or retrained if it's found they are lacking in some skills. People who want to tattoo at a shop can also become apprentices. This means they will follow the artist around and learn from them until the apprentice is ready to go off on their own. 

Strict cleanliness protocols

A tattoo shop will take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of viruses. The artists will have passed a blood-borne pathogens test and received their blood-borne pathogens card. Also, everything used during the tattoo process that comes close to the customer's skin will be brand new, autoclaved, or properly sanitized with a special cleaning solution.

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