4 Things You Need To Look For When Buying A Used Stainless Steel Three-Door Commercial Freezer

Posted on: 30 March 2023

Are you attempting to get high-quality equipment for your restaurant's kitchen without spending too much? Buying used can help you save thousands of dollars on must-have essentials, such as commercial freezers for food storage. If you're considering purchasing a three-door commercial freezer, it helps to know what to look for in advance because you want to buy something that will last long and do the job it's supposed to do.

Is There Frost Building Up Inside the Freezer?

Before buying a used three-door commercial freezer, check for an accumulation of frost on the inside. If you can tell that frost has been accumulating, this could be a sign that something is wrong with the equipment. However, if it's free of frost and runs smoothly while maintaining the ideal cold temperature inside, it should be good enough for you to store all kinds of foods and beverages in your restaurant.

Do the Three Doors of the Commercial Freezer Seal Properly?

Always check that each door attached to this commercial equipment seals properly. If the doors aren't closing or sealing, a lot of cool air can escape from the freezer, which could lower the internal temperature. When the temperature isn't the correct number, the food and beverages you're storing inside the freezer could begin to spoil, and you certainly don't want that.

Is Anything Leaking from the Equipment?

You should be able to tell if anything is leaking from the freezer because there would likely be a puddle of water on the floor. These leaks aren't always as noticeable, but an easy way to check is to look for any signs of rust on the equipment. If you don't see anything leaking from the freezer or rust on the bottom where a leak would likely occur, the three-door freezer is likely in great condition and ready for you to use in your restaurant.

Will It Fit Inside Your Establishment?

Don't forget to take measurements before buying a used stainless steel three-door commercial freezer. You need to ensure this equipment will fit in your restaurant, so measure the space available, jot the measurements down, and then measure any used equipment you plan on buying and bringing into your establishment. The used equipment is worth buying as long as it's running well and can fit into the space you have available.

When investing in equipment for your restaurant, buying used is a fantastic way to save money on the essentials. However, prior to buying, you should carefully inspect the equipment for any possible issues to ensure it's in excellent working condition.